Greentree Shelter (GTS)
The Greentree Shelter provides families with the opportunity to address the barriers that have made them homeless and successfully transition to safe housing in the community.

The Greentree Shelter (GTS), founded in 1983 in Bethesda, Maryland, serves as a transitional home for homeless families, primarily children with single mothers, and provides the basic support systems necessary for families to begin rebuilding their lives. Families move out of the shelter with a developed sense of self-esteem, life skills, and healthier relationships, helping them to avoid becoming homeless again. Support services include counseling, parent education, life skills training, after-school tutoring, substance abuse education and prevention, GED classes, computer training, and employment assistance. GTS is the only shelter for homeless families with an on-site structured child care center and therapeutic child access capability in Montgomery County. The shelter has 46 beds for homeless families.

For more information on the Greentree Shelter, please contact the Program Director at 301-365-4480, ext. 129. If you or a loved one is in need of shelter or assistance, please contact the Montgomery County Crisis Center at (240) 777-4190.