Family Stabilization Program (FSP)
FSP provides homeless families with an opportunity to work on barriers that have made them homeless and connects them to community resources, resulting in permanent and safe housing.
Woman with child

Photo by David L. Hamilton

The Family Stabilization Program (FSP) is a transitional housing program that provides subsidized apartments for up to 24 months to 35 families in Montgomery County, Maryland. A majority of FSP families are single mothers who have been dependent on welfare and/or spousal or family economic support systems that are no longer viable. Typically, these families lack the resources and support networks needed to obtain or maintain housing. In addition to subsidized rent, families receive intensive case management and other supportive services designed to increase independence, achieve self-sufficiency, and ensure residential stability.

For more information about the Family Stabilization Program (FSP), please call (301) 622-7901.