Community Based Services



The PARENT RESOURCE CENTER provides free services and comprehensive resources to families in the community that will help them to improve overall family well-being by promoting positive relationships, community engagement, safe behaviors, and healthy emotional and improved economic functioning.

Services include:

  • Computer Lab/Instruction
  • Job search skills and job referrals
  • GED, vocational training, college preparedness assistance
  • Concrete resources geared to basic needs of the family (food, clothing, school uniforms, backpacks)
  • Parenting and grandparenting education and support
  • Time management
  • Financial literacy
  • Social skills
  • Health and mental health fitness
  • Strategies for managing stress and family/child challenges
  • Housing information (emergency shelters, rentals, home buyers)

Who Can Participate?

The Parent Resource Center is open to all parents, grandparents, relative caregivers, and guardians in the community. The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00am – 4:00pm and is located at 5140 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave, NE, Washington, D.C. 20019.

Contact Information:
Renada Hemsley –


The FREEDOM SCHOOL AT DC GENERAL FAMILY SHELTER ensures that every child has a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and a successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities. A model of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), the overall goal is to end childhood hunger and illiteracy.


The NCCF Freedom School is located in the DC General Family Shelter. The program provides after-school cultural enrichment and reading and summer camp programs for children kindergarten through 12th grade, and support services to their families using a model curriculum with five components based on the Ella Baker Child Policy:

  • High quality Literacy Enrichment programs
  • Parent and family involvement workshops
  • Civic Engagement and Social Action events
  • Integrational Leadership Development
  • Nutrition, Health and Mental Health resources and referrals

Relying on CDF trained young Servant Leaders, The Freedom School teaches child scholars the enjoyment of reading through various forms of art (music, dance, painting, drawing, and acting) and builds a home library for each child scholar.

Contact information:
Tonya Sherman,


The J.C. NALLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL is a full service, evidence-based community school model located in East of the River, Ward 7 DC which offers innovative academic and cultural enrichment activities, structured out-of-school time, mental health support, and social services to students and their families.

The mission is to promote the development of the community and family’s ability to foster each child’s dream collectively, in a safe place, and with academic excellence.


  • Academic and Cultural Enrichment
  • Health, mental health, wellness programs, and social services
  • Parent involvement, parenting education, and leadership training
  • Community and parent outreach
  • Annual Community Parent Summit
  • International Cultural Program for fifth graders which allows students to expand their horizons, look beyond their community, and learn about a new culture
  • Saturday School enrichment programs for students and their parents to receive additional help with reading and math deficiencies
  • Summer Enrichment Program – provides students kindergarten through fifth grade to have fun learning math, and reading in a free, structured recreation and learning through visual arts and crafts, theater, sports, dance, and character building activities.
  • Case management services to families that include referral, coordination of service delivery, and monitoring of case plans
  • Advocacy on behalf of children and their families for appropriate services and resources within the public school system and the larger community.

Contact Information:
La’Mont Geddis, Director of JC Nalle Community School, 202-396-9330 x333



The FAMILY CONNECTIONS PROGRAM provides low-income parents and their families with trained family mentors and the opportunity to define, develop, and achieve goals that result in self-sufficiency and greater independence.


  • Family mentors
  • Parent education classes and workshops
  • Parent advocacy training
  • Workforce development assistance
  • Job referrals and readiness skills for self-improvement and economic sufficiency
  • Financial management and literacy training
  • Guest speakers to discuss various topics (employment training programs)
  • Provide monthly Family Dinner Workshops
  • Access to community resources and specialty services
  • Recreational and cultural enrichment activities (educational field trips, plays, museums, exhibits)
  • Health and wellness workshops (Zumba, nutrition classes)

Who can participate?

– D.C. Parents and families receiving TANF, health care and SNAP benefits.

– D.C. Parents and families that are self-sufficient and desire to serve as mentors to disadvantaged/ government- dependent parents and families in an effort to encourage these families to become independent and self-sufficient.

Contact Information:
Renada Hemsley –


The MEN IN MOTION PROGRAM facilitates the connection between fathers and children by developing communication and parenting skills. The program engages men with mutual respect, utilizing a holistic approach, accepting their current socioeconomic and emotional positions, and fostering positive movement in their journey towards being good fathers, husbands, and partners in their homes and their community and serves as the mediator during challenging parental discussions.


  • Bi-weekly workshops for men that address concerns such as: re-entering the community, parenting, healthy relationships, managing negative stereotypes, co-parenting, and health and wellness
  • Employment preparation and referrals to private and corporate sector partners
  • Access to community resources that assist with expunging criminal records, and other barriers that prevents and/or delays gainful employment
  • Six-week Nurturing Parenting Educational Program for males
  • Assistance with job readiness skills for economic self-sufficiency
  • Referrals to vocational and higher educational institutes
  • Conflict mediation and resolution with parents
  • Reunification support for absent fathers and their children

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