Greentree Adolescent Program (GAP)

The Greentree Adolescent Program provides young males a therapeutic environment in which they can address their trauma history and develop into young men who can positively integrate into society and give back to their communities.

Mission: The Greentree Adolescent Program (GAP) is a high-intensity residential community that prepares traumatized, victimized and poorly socialized adolescent males to be productive members of society.

These young men benefit from living in a structured residential community within a diverse, urban neighborhood which hosts one of America’s best performing public schools, Walt Whitman High School.


  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Psychiatric services
  • Case management
  • Substance abuse assessment and treatment
  • Life skills development and behavioral counseling
  • Comprehensive health services
  • Educational and vocational services
  • Prosocial recreation activities

Program Goals:

  • 24-hour residential care and supportive services to residents that focus on permanency and community reintegration
  • No re-offenses by program residents
  • Assist residents in stepping down to less restrictive placement
  • Grade advancement, graduation or GED
  • Help youth become self-sufficient, self-confident young adults

For more information please contact Paye Tingba,
Program Director at or (301) 365-4480, ext. 146 with any questions.

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